“Everything you can imagine, nature has already created it”.
Albert Einstein


LACOSER is an herbalist laboratory
producing cosmetics for its own brands and for third parties since
1970. The headquarters is in Italy, in Venice area, where we produce
and export our products to the whole world. We also have a second
production plant in Lebanon, which exclusively serves the west Asian

The quality
of LACOSER trademark, well known nowadays
at international level, is given by a combination of innovation,
scientific knowledge and reliance in the extraordinary power of
natural remedies.

LACOSER produces top level cosmetics,
whose efficacy and tolerance is rigorously studied and tested by a
pool of cosmetologists and technicians in cooperation with leading
Italian academic institutions. LACOS?R
products do not contain ingredients of animal origin. Our main
objective is that of giving naturalness and efficacy to the consumer
by means of top quality raw ingredients and laboratory processes
which count on the most advanced technologies and always respectful
of the ecological standards.

LACOSER offers a complete range of beauty
care and cleansing products which meets the most
specific requirements of the single consumer
: a portfolio of
cosmetic lines, studied for the prevention and maintenance of our
skin?s health but also localized shock treatments for quick and
visible results. As never before we feel today the importance of
re-establishing a bond of authenticity and harmony with nature and
our body is an important vehicle in this research.

Nature gives us the complementary
ingredients to our body?s care: this happens today as it has been
for centuries now. Since the ancient times in fact, the human being
has identified in nature a source of incommensurable richness for
its own wellness: the power of plants and officinal herbs has always
been an efficacy solution in case of eating and psychophysical

LACOSER wants to be the spokesman of this
continuity and makes of its products the essence of a millenary
dialogue: the one between nature and human being.

Services to enterprises

  • Production for third parties (also small
  • Ideation and development of new formulas
  • Micro ? biological analysis
  • Service for chimical cosmetology
  • Evaluation tests of cosmetics? safety
  • Evaluation tests of cosmetics? functional activity
  • Design and creative study

with important University Centers

in costant research

are some of our priorities