Anything you can imagine, nature has already created it. (Albert Einstein)

LACOSÈR is a cosmetic-herbal laboratory that has been operating  for its own brands and for third parties since 1990. The company has its main production plant and in Italy, on the Venetian mainland, from where it exports its products all over the world, and a second production center in Lebanon, exclusively for the West Asian market.

The quality of LACOSÈR brand, internationally recognized today, is given by the combination of innovation, scientific rigor and trust in the extraordinary capabilities of natural remedies. Thanks to the technical-scientific skills of its collaborators and the cooperation with the University Centers of Ferrara and Ancona, LACOSÈR offers product solutions with extremely high quality standards. It is no coincidence that the company is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, as a guarantee that products are manufactured and controlled according to quality standards appropriate to the use for which they are intended.
Furthermore, LACOSÈR products do not contain ingredients of animal origin, as demonstrated by the VEGANOK certification: the first and most widespread Quality Mark in Europe for vegan products.

LACOSÈR products do not contain ingredients of animal origin.
The main commitment is to give the consumer naturalness and effectiveness through the use of raw materials of excellent and undisputed quality and manufacturing processes that use the most advanced technologies, with respect for the environment above all.

LACOSÈR offers a wide range of products for care, hygiene and beauty of the person, certain to meet the most specific needs of the individual consumer: cosmetic lines designed for prevention and maintenance of skin health but also shock treatments localized for fast and visible results.

Never as today the need to re-establish a bond of authenticity and harmony with nature has been felt and this also passes through the care of one’s body, too often entrusted to cheap products of dubious quality. Nature gives us complementary ingredients to protect our body, today as it has been for thousands of years. In fact, since ancient times, man has recognized nature as a source of immeasurable wealth for his well-being; the power of plants and medicinal herbs has always been an effective response to eating and psycho-physical disorders.

LACOSÈR is the spokesperson for this continuity and its products represent the essence of a millennial dialogue: the one between man and nature.


Does it make sense to produce natural cosmetics in a gloomy, dark reinforced concrete shed that consumes large quantities of gas to heat up and doesn’t make you want to go to work every morning? Our answer is: NO!

We have thus implemented sustainable renovation works for both the environment and the economy of our company. “Isolate” was the watchword, which was followed by numerous other works aimed at saving energy and resources.

  • False ceilings were insulated on top with an 8 cm panel, obtained from the spinning of recycled PET bottles. The same panel was then used to create an internal cladding both in the offices and in the production and packaging areas.
  • 20 kW of photovoltaic panels have been installed in order to power a hot/cold heat pump which is used for offices and work environments.
  • The old lighting of offices, laboratories and warehouses, made up of neon lamps, has been entirely replaced with LED systems, which allow us to optimize electricity consumption as they are much brighter, longer lasting and have less impact in the disposal phase.
  • Rainwater is conveyed and accumulated inside 1 2,500 liter tank and then filtered and used by means of a special system for cleaning containers for industrial use and for irrigating about 80 m of Photinia-type hedge that surrounds part of our property.
  • Last but not least, for our production we purchase electricity from renewable sources.

That said, we try to be sustainable in all our aspects!


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