LACOVET pet beauty&care

LACOVET pet beauty&care is born from the love for nature, its knowledge and the passion for research … something fantastic!

LACOVET pet beauty&care is an original specialized veterinary line conceived for the love of animals, for their care and beauty. It is born from the experience of pharmacists and professional cosmetologists specialized in formulating toiletry, hair care and skin care products, in collaboration with the Universities of Ferrara, Ancona, and Milan.

It is based on an innovative healthy substance called OZONVITAL® (ozonized sunflower seed oil | active oxygen) that through its application simulates nascent oxygen. By inserting an optimal percentage of this extraordinary substance, you get a general action that brings new vitality and well-being.

The GREEN PRODUCTS line LACOVET pet beauty&care – designed for the treatment of the fur and skin of animals – are excellent aids for them to live better, healthy and relaxed lives.

LACOVET pet beauty&care

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