LACOVET pet beauty&care - products

For every coat, skin care and beauty need, the most effective solution, green, vegetarian & vegan friendly!

The products of the LACOVET pet beauty&care veterinary specialist line are exclusive formulations that guarantee the best efficiency and highest tolerance to the treatment of the coat and the skin of our furry friends. Favoured among the grooming professionals – and not only them – they are real green products: they respect the environment (they are over 98% biodegradable), our furry friends and the hands of those who apply them!

Leggete attentamente le istruzioni riportate sulle confezioni per scoprire quanto un corretto utilizzo risulti non solo efficace ma anche conveniente!

pleasantly soft and perfumed fur

keeps the skin healthy and free from itching

hygienic, reduces desquamation and seborrhoea

better coat density and combability

also suitable for cleaning puppies (over 2 months old)

restructuring body-giving and untangling

in case of very fat dandruff, contrasts reformation

new vitality to stressed fur and skin

soft, silky coat, easy to comb

improves fur thickness and volume, anti-dryness

it does not cover the bad smell with perfume but neutralizes it

delicate hygiene, also suitable for cleaning puppies (over 2 months old)

strong cleansing activity, cleanses gently

the line of 6 perfumes, pleasant and non-allergic

with important University Centers

in costant research

are some of our priorities