The new technologies in skin repair rejuvenation.

ACTIVIAL TRANSDERMA VITAL identifies itself as a redensifying line composed of valuable active substances, of natural origin, aimed at reducing wrinkles, even the deepest ones, and recompacting your body skin with renewed elasticity.

Thanks to their valuable and refined components ACTIVIAL TRANSDERMA VITAL products with moisturizing, restructuring and filling features, will envelop you with a pleasant and unique feeling of overall well-being after application.
Chronological aging of the skin depends on genetic, chemical, and physical factors that determine its type and severity. It manifests mainly in the loss of elasticity and turgor, resulting in wrinkles that are the most obvious sign of skin atrophy.

ACTIVIAL TRANSDERMA VITAL products, thanks to their active ingredients, assist in slowing down the degenerative process and compacting dermal tissue. They contain Krameria Triandra extract, which is recommended in case of increased vascularization such as in rosacea and blotches, offering good protection from photodamage and affecting aking and dryness of the skin.

The action of Krameria Triandra is complemented by the presence of Hyaluronic Acid, a highly moisturizing substance that promotes the physiological production of collagen and elastin, in synergy with stable Vitamin C and Arginine, also present in the formula.

Extracts of Hibiscus Esculentus and Ceramides represent the reparative aspect.

Hibiscus Esculentus has both emollient and proteolytic action, activating the rejuvenation process that is the first step in a logical restructuring of skin tissue. Ceramides have a structural and cementing function, filling the space between epidermal cells and inhibiting excessive aking of the stratum corneum, restoring and keeping the natural hydrolipid layer constant. Such synergistic activity, by urging increased turgor, gives that visible and immediate feeling of rejuvenation that is noticed after application.

Linea ACTIVIAL - Prodotti per il ringiovanimento della pelle - Lacosèr

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