Lacosèr represents a benchmark in contract cosmetics production, and the reason why is obvious. We are a herbal company with strong focus on innovation and creating top-notch, effective, GREEN, vegetarian & vegan friendly cosmetic solutions.

Thanks to our many years of experience and constant commitment to research, we now represent one of the excellences in the herbal-cosmetic sector, both in terms of quality as reflected in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification and in terms of sustainability and attention to consumer needs. VEGANOK certification, the first and most widely used Quality Mark in Europe for vegan products, proves this.

The solutions we propose are by definition targeted to the desired cosmetic and dermatological result. It is no coincidence that each of our formulations is the result of a long process of study and research that ends with effectiveness and safety tests.

In summary, the contract manufacturing we offer includes the following services:

• product formulation
• drafting of the PIF (technical and safety dossier required by the regulations)
• advice on choosing the most personalized and environmentally friendly packaging
• production
• packaging and shipping the finished product to the final customer
• advice on regulatory, legislative and business aspects.

Relative to the products we are able to formulate and produce for you, the list covers practically the universe of cosmetic and personal care items:

• Face and body creams and emulsions
• Specific anti-wrinkle treatments
• Beauty masks
• Body Mud
• Body lotions, gels and oils
• Body cleansing
• Facial cleansers, makeup removers and toning lotions

• Body deodorants
• Hair shampoos, conditioners and oils
• Hair-care
• Specific intimate cleansing
• Soothing sunscreens, self-tanners and after-sun products
• Plant-based mosquito repellents
• Mouthwashes for oral hygiene


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