OZONVITAL® is the result of the reaction between Organic Sunflower Seed Oil and ozone, which, by originating ozonides, organic compounds capable of increasing cellular respiratory potential, gradually acts on the tissues with a decisive dermoprotective and purifying action.

Reduced air oxygenation due to air pollution, sedentary lifestyle, less active breathing, and stress are all factors that contribute to reducing the availability of usable oxygen to cells, promoting the accumulation of toxins and compromising the normal function of the skin and the whole body. Oxygen deficiency prevents the proper development of important oxidation processes, causing an accumulation in cells and extracellular fluids, of toxins and waste intermediate metabolic products that are not fully oxidized.

In the fight against premature aging, dermocosmetics makes use of highly effective weapons: skin bioactivators. With the use of these active ingredients, an attempt is made to percutaneously insert substances capable of replenishing the natural vital potential of the cells, stimulating all the essential processes that have gradually become drowsy.

The most important bioactivators, as they are able to influence the main vital function of the cell, on which all others depend, will be those substances capable of enhancing cellular respiration and enzyme oxidation-reduction processes, as they can provide tissues with more active oxygen. These bioactivating substances, long since discovered and made stable, are organic ozone compounds, the ozonides. Their use in cosmetics offers new possibilities, hoping to achieve that result that progress and scientific research will allow.

From a test performed following a contusion, the dark purple color of the bruise, due to the hemoglobin in the blood having given up most of its oxygen, becomes, by the action of OZONVITAL®, light red again, that is, the color of oxygen-rich hemoglobin. From the above, it is obvious that with the synthesis of ozonides, an active element with strong oxygenating activity has been created for the first time.

In cosmetology, OZONVITAL® finds logical use as a beneficial substance capable of increasing the respiratory potential of tissues. By creating a strong antiseptic action, it is also useful in the treatment of acne, so the complexion will lose impurities, become firmer, smoother and more elastic.

With proper application, features are smoothed out, expression lines, characteristic of anxiety and wear and stress of modern life, decrease in depth, thus going so far as to minimize any signs of skin dystrophy due to fatigue or premature aging.

Extensive research has revealed strong bactericidal activity (including toward the tubercle bacillus) of ozonides, which, through vaporization, are used to sterilize operating rooms. In medicine, these new organic ozone compounds are used for body disinfection and particularly as hand disinfectant.