The original specialised veterinary line for the care and beauty of your four-legged friends.

LACOVET pet beauty&care is an original specialist veterinary line created out of love for animals, for their care and beauty. It was born from the experience of pharmacists and professional cosmetologists specialized in formulating products for toiletries, hair care and skin care, in collaboration with the Universities of Ferrara, Ancona and Milan.

The GREEN PRODUCTS line LACOVET pet beauty&care – designed for the treatment of the fur and skin of animals – are excellent aids for them to live better, healthy and relaxed lives.

The absolute originality of this veterinary line is based on an innovative beneficial substance called OZONVITAL® (ozonized sunflower seed oil | active oxygen), which simulates nascent oxygen through its application. By inserting an optimal percentage of this extraordinary beneficial substance, a general action is achieved that brings new vitality and well-being.

The products in the LACOVET pet beauty&care specialist veterinary line are exclusive formulations that guarantee the best efficacy and tolerability for the hair and skin care of our four-legged friends. Favoured by grooming professionals – and not only by them – they are truly green products: they respect the environment (they are over 98% biodegradable), our animal friends and the hands of those who apply them!
Read the instructions on the packaging carefully to discover how correct use is not only effective but also convenient!


For your personal care

JALOE - The multi-active treatment that gives new brightness to your skin.


ACTIVIAL - The new technologies in skin repair rejuvenation.


OXONID - When orthodermia and tone-stimulation become adjuvants of therapies.


Strike - Effective protection against odor-causing microbes and bacteria.