Multiple factors, internal and external, are responsible for your pet’s bad odor, such as coat, skin sebum, moisture, fast-reproducing bacteria, poor digestion, etc. A healthy, balanced diet is the basis of your pet’s health that will protect it from the onset of bad body odor or referred to unpleasant halitosis, synonymous with improper nutrition.
In the event of bad odor, it is not necessary to wash your pet too often but, to solve the problem instantly, simply use DESOPET SANITIZING SPRAY DEODORANT, which does not cover up odors with perfumes or other substances but neutralizes them by breaking down the molecules responsible for the bad odor. The essential and dynamic presence of OZONVITAL® (nascent active oxygen) adds extraordinary protective activity.

DESOPET SANITIZING SPRAY DEODORANT is also particularly suitable on puppies over two months old.