The pleasant light and creamy texture of LINDOPET SMOOTHING ANTISMOG MASK is designed to give new vitality to stressed hair and skin attacked by smog, dust and external agents, to be added also to the other environmental elements already known as UV-A and UV-B rays, visible light, infrared, as well as heavy ions present in the water used for washing.
New plant substances with particulate-blocking properties, associated with OZONVITAL® (nascent active oxygen), reduce the adhesion of pollutant particles while helping to strengthen fragile and damaged hair, counteracting skin irritation and reducing bacterial growth. Its special anti-pollution, antioxidant and anti-stress formulation exerts a protective and filming action, defending hair and skin from the harmful action of atmospheric agents, giving new vitality and shine.

LINDOPET SMOOTHING ANTISMOG MASK is also particularly suitable on puppies over two months old.