OXONID TRAUMULUM-3 GEL is the first and only formulation that combines the action of Ozonides with phytoextracts.

It is proposed as an adjuvant in natural treatments to the problems of sports preparation and accompanies the athlete before, during and after competitive performance by alleviating, with its soothing activity, the feeling of mental and physical stress.

The gel formulation facilitates its use and, by speeding its absorption into the skin, helps the therapist give initial and effective relief to the athlete. Because many athletes show signs of venous insufficiency, it is a valuable aid in stressful travel. The same are subjected to increasingly close engagements, involving multiple weekly meetings, with travel, even of many hours. The problem is brought about by sitting too long and in positions that are often uncomfortable or incorrect.

OXONID TRAUMOLIO-3 GEL has been enriched with Dr. Klaus Gaebelein’s exclusive ozonating procedure.