OXONID TRAUMULUM-3 HOT GEL is the first and only formulation that combines the action of Ozonides with active phytocomplexes. Good cellular oxygenation is essential for the body to respond positively to muscular stresses of any nature. OXONID TRAUMULIO-3 HOT GEL thanks to the presence of Ozonides and through the main action of massage contributes to increased oxygenation of tissue fibers by developing a pleasant warm-relaxing action. The mixture of capsicum oleoresin, Vitamins C-B2-PP-A, essential oils, and beneficial substances of proven stimulating activity, heats, for a long time, the locally affected parts without developing that excessive hyperemia and rubefacient absolutely devoid of functionality.

OXONID TRAUMOLIO-3 HOT GEL has been enriched with Dr. Klaus Gaebelein’s exclusive ozonating procedure.